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We aim to provide expert advice and quality investment ideas. In our bid to make the most of your money, you can choose between our services spanning from trading in the stock market to investing in natural resources such as oil and gas alongside getting crisp opportunities in Real Estate as a whole.

Centric Global Limited was built to help you be a more confident investor and set you on the path to secure your financial future, we help our customers maximize their money, whether you are investing or a seasoned pro, Centric Global Limited does what is right for you and your money.

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We are Trading for you

Centric Global Limited is the perfect choice for investors who want to earn high daily profits without committing to long-term investments. Our team of experts uses their experience and knowledge to make sure you get the best possible returns.

  • Manage Your Portfolio
  • High treding volume
  • Stable Profit
  • Trusted Service
  • Secured Technology
  • Easy to Manage

Why Choose us?

Our technical strategies cover trading floors spanning across different market spheres ranging from equity, CFDs on stocks, ETFs, forex, binary options and cryptocurrency trading, including real estate, agricultural products.


Secure Storage

your wallet must be secured. Bitcoin makes it possible to transfer value any where in a very easy way and it allows you to be in control of your money.


Mobile App

The #1 most popular cryptocurrency wallet for those looking to transform the financial system right from their pocket. Cash instantly with anyone in the world.


Guaratee Return

Each user has unique needs, so there is no one size fits all for exchanges. Our Bitcoin exchange reviews detail each exchange's supported countries

Our Services

You can commit your finances to a stable investment platform that will guarantee your steady return on investment.

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15% ROI

  • Min - $100
  • Max - $2,000
  • Duration - 5 Days
  • Customers Support
  • Instant Withdrawal
  • Principal Return


30% ROI

  • Min - $2,000
  • Max - $10,000
  • Duration - 6 Days
  • Customers Support
  • Instant Withdrawal
  • Principal Return


50% ROI

  • Min - $10,000
  • Max - $0.00
  • Duration - 12 Days
  • Customers Support
  • Instant Withdrawal
  • Principal Return


60% ROI

  • Min - $5,000
  • Max - $50,000
  • Duration - 4 Days
  • Customers Support
  • Instant Withdrawal
  • Principal Return


Monthly Deposits


Monthly Payouts